About H+A

<strong>H+A International</strong> was founded in 1984 as a <strong>marketing communications company</strong> dedicated to providing clients with <strong>communications</strong> <strong>counsel</strong>, <strong>guidance</strong> and <strong>implementation strategies</strong>. Our staff has many years of agency/corporate/NPO MarCom experience and consists of a group of well-rounded marketing communications executives with backgrounds and education in PR, advertising, direct marketing, design, and social media. We pride ourselves on being highly effective relationship builders, be it with our clients or the media. This is evidenced by the great longevity we are enjoying with most of our clients, some of these relationships have flourished for more than 25 years. With a German-native president, H+A also is a multi-cultural firm, having promoted organizations and events around the world. We move easily on the global stage.   <strong>Originally Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois,</strong> we have become an extension of our clients’ marketing communications departments. In addition to our in-house staff, we also call upon the expertise of our various partners as needed. H+A serves clients throughout the world.