Mobile Marketing - Can You See Me Now?

As we all know, mobile marketing has become an integral part of many MarCom strategies campaigns. And we also know, that trend will continue to grow exponentially. Some interesting reports I have read recently claim that more people will have smartphones in two years than there are home computers.  And, 50% of all Web traffic will come through mobile devices.   Regardless of what industry or marketplace you work in, it seems there is not only "an app for that" - there are usually "several apps for that".  We are involved with creating apps for several of our clients, ranging from water technology equipment manufacturers to trade show organizers.  Our client Xylem offers an app that engineers and installers can use when specifying designs for large buildings and/or installing equipment in the field.   Speaking of 'in the field' another one of our clients, FieldAware, offers a field service management solution that works via cloud computing on smart phones, so there is no need for expensive software or hardware.  And several of our trade show management company clients use mobile apps to help attendees locate booths and other resources at their events.  We just wrote an article entitled "<a href="">Making Mobile Decisions in 2012</a>" that you may find interesting.   What are you doing with mobile marketing?