Are You Sleeping On Your Mobile Marketing Decisions?

  If you are thinking about integrating mobile in your next marketing campaign, chances are you slept on it.    According to an interesting post in a recent <em>Marketing Pilgrim </em><a href="">blog</a>, more people use their mobile smart device in bed (67%) than any other place.  A distant second was "waiting for something (47%) and "while watching TV" (39%).  Thanks to legislation restricting mobile phone usage while driving, "commuting" was a distant 4th at 25%.  Nearly 20% even use it in the bathroom.    This <a>survey</a> tells us several things: <ul><li> Many people have their cell phone within arm's reach 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This presents some very interesting implications for all marketers </li> <li> 48% of the respondents said mobile advertising had a greater impact on their purchasing decisions than the web or TV </li> <li> 66% are more or equally comfortable with mobile advertising vs. TV or online ads </li> <li> Mobile has surpassed TV in terms of time, with consumers spending 27% of their media time on mobile, compared to 22% on TV </li> <li> 42% of respondents indicated that mobile ads have introduced them to something new </li> </ul> There is another interesting mobile-related story in this issue of the <em>Marketing Pilgrim</em> <a href="">blog</a> about Twitter's promoted Tweets going mobile.  If you aren't currently subscribing to <em>Marketing Pilgrim </em>I'd highly recommend that you do. There is always some great info there.