<em></em> Just as doctors tell us that a brief nap during the day can invigorate our brain cells, we have rediscovered that NAPS mat news releases can also help invigorate B2B MarCom programs.   As some of you may know, NAPS (North American Precis Syndicate) is a news release distribution service that works with more than 10,000 daily and weekly newspapers and over 7,500 TV and radio stations to place specially formatted editorial and video content.  A typical NAPS news release can generate over 350 articles in newspapers across North America with a readership of more than 50 million people and an ad equivalency of $150,000 plus.   The service has been in existence for over 55 years and I had used them several years ago when I worked at a large PR firm to promote consumer products. However, these days fewer B2B marketers use NAPS because they don't believe syndicated news release reach their B2B target audiences.  It seems that many of us overlook the classic 'push-pull' marketing strategy of educating the consumers, getting them excited about our clients' products and services, and enticing them to go back to our real target audiences with their product requests.  As consumers are often the true end-users of many B2B products, we forget how important they can be in 'pulling' the product through the supply chain.     We were recently reminded of this when creating marketing strategies for a water technology client that manufactures a commercial water pump.  Although our primary target markets are plumbing contractors and building engineers that install the pumps in light commercial and high-end residential buildings, the average family of four can also save 12,000 gallons of water a year by installing the $300 pump.     We thought this would be an excellent opportunity to create interest and demand among home and building owners so they would go the their local plumbers and ask for that specific pump.  In addition to creating a variety of marketing strategies, including a social media outreach program, we also developed a series of mat releases dealing with home energy and water conservation.  Of course, the articles also subtly mention these unique pumps as one method of conserving thousands of gallons of water.   The results have been outstanding.  Our most recent mat release on the topic of "Know Your Water Footprint" has generated 1,336 news articles with a readership of 80 million across the U.S. and an ad equivalency of $261,500.  In addition, over 117,000 unique visitors per month viewed the online publications.  Our mat releases appeared in such major daily newspapers as <em>USA Today, Miami Herald, Dallas Morning News, Arizona Daily Star, </em>and<em> Minneapolis Star Tribune </em>as well as many affluent suburban newspapers.   There is no question that NAPS invigorated our MarCom program with an effective, often overlooked technique. Have you used it in any of your MarCom programs?