Return Of The Advertorial - The Power of PR

Many MarCom Pros have used the tried-and-true advertorial as part of their marketing campaigns.  In most instances, it usually takes the format of editorial copy wrapped around a fractional ad in a magazine. When executed properly, the editorial copy pulls the reader in with the promise of valuable information and then the ad influences them to a "call-to-action".     However, like all tried-and-true things, they often get overlooked as more bright and shiny new MarCom tools come along - like mobile apps and QR codes.  I was recently reminded of the power and value of advertorials by a very marketing-savvy client of ours who called to say he had just contracted for a couple of one-page and two-page spread ads in some key trade magazines.  He asked if I thought it would be more effective to use that space as advertorials instead of running full-page ads.   As it turns out, we have a great story to tell about the client's cloud-based computing solution and several news releases, feature articles and a White Paper have already been written about it.  We both agreed that an editorial story with a catchy headline and compelling graphics wrapped around a quarter-page ad would be much more powerful than a full-page ad.     In fact, we did the same thing with the two-page spread - a page and three-fourths editorial and a quarter-page ad. While all the other companies will have a one-page ad facing a one-page article, we will be the only one with a two-page advertorial spread.  It will be interesting to see who pulls the most leads.   To track the response to both the editorial and the ads, we offer a free White Paper in the editorial and a 30% discount in the ad.  They are coded to each publication so we will be able to track which publication and which method pulled the most leads.   What has your experience been with advertorials?