Marketing for Trade Show Organizers

When it comes to promoting trade shows – no-one does it better! We specialize in working with <strong>trade show management companies</strong> and <strong>association-owned trade shows</strong> around the world to help them strategically <strong>drive buyer attendance</strong>, <strong>increase their exhibitor base</strong> and turn their shows into <strong>memorable events</strong>. Strategically Creative MarCom Campaigns Our extensive expertise in promoting a variety of industry-leading trade shows worldwide will be highly beneficial to your show’s growth. Whether it is improving your show’s awareness in existing or new market segments, differentiating it from the competition, or capturing greater market share, we will help you exceed your goals and objectives.  We take a strategically creative approach to integrating a variety of communications methods and techniques to maximize your marketing ROI. <strong>These integrated techniques often include:</strong> Year-round Publicity You’ll get unprecedented coverage of your show - before, during and after the event. We work closely with all the trade press and local business media to ensure that you are getting year-round PR coverage. In addition to numerous pre-show articles and show previews in more than just the top one or two trade magazines, valuable onsite coverage from the local media, and substantial post-show coverage in all the key trade publications (on-line and print), we also develop feature articles or run surveys that position your show as the industry leader. We also manage the Press Room for most of our Show clients.       Direct Marketing (Digital and Print) Whether it’s creating e-campaigns, e-newsletters or e-games to attract more visitors, or developing ads or compelling direct mail promotions, H+A develops creative, integrated and targeted outreach campaigns that position your show as the <em>must-attend event</em>. We employ the most effective MarCom methods of reaching your domestic and international target audiences. Social Media We live and breathe social media communications every day.  H+A International provides a full scope of services, consulting and management for each event’s specific communities to drive the advantages and engagement that social media provides. Improved communications means improved efficiency and brand awareness, and in turn profitability.  As we know, social media changes from month-to-month, but H+A International has its pulse on these trends for you. Whether engaging your visitors and exhibitors via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or blogging, we listen and connect to your audiences to tie together your integrated communications and marketing efforts. Creative / Design Whether we create a banner ad, print ad, collateral materials or website, the agreed-upon MarCom strategy and messaging drives our designs instead of the other way around. We ensure that our creative is synergistic with the marketing goals to be achieved and that it translates well across all MarCom disciplines, as well as with non-US audiences. Special Events We put ‘special’ into Special Events. Whether it's a press conference for 20 on the fairgrounds or an awards party for 1,000, we handle all the arrangements. Our objective is to reinforce brand leadership and make the event memorable for exhibitors as well as attendees. International Marketing Since tradeshow visitor and exhibitor growth is now coming largely from non-US audiences, H+A is well qualified to help you grow these audiences no matter the target countries. We have implemented MarCom campaigns in over 30 countries via PR, advertising, direct/on-line marketing and top buyer promotions. Our close cooperation with publications and association partners allows us to execute these efforts from our headquarters in Chicago. We have also promoted non-US shows in this country in order to grow US buyer attendance in these shows’ home countries. Strategic Alliances While many show organizations do an effective job at creating solid strategic alliances with the top two or three trade publications and industry associations –this is just scratching the surface! We typically expand your reach by partnering with many other magazines and associations so they are actively promoting your event year-round through ads, PR, websites, direct mail and other marketing methods. Better yet, we accomplish this without you having to pay sponsorship fees.