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H+A International is a full-service, integrated marketing communications (MarCom) company dedicated to helping its clients achieve brand success via the most effective and cost-efficient use of their marketing dollars. We specialize in strategic MarCom and branding, including public relations, direct marketing, creative/design, and social- and emerging media.

New buyer behavior, new marketing technologies, the need to change the old ways of selling and an intensified push for marketing to drive revenue, challenge many organizations to reevaluate their brand communications efforts - and that’s how we can help.

We specialize in working with industry leading corporations and trade shows, with a special emphasis on the HVACR market segments. For more than 30 years we have helped enhance brand awareness and drive the growth of many organizations (see our Client Roster)

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Relentless competition, fickle global markets and the evolving world of digital and social media can wreak havoc with even the best brand communications programs. H+A International helps companies integrate and optimize their traditional and digital MarCom strategies into highly successful MarCom programs.

We specialize in working with companies and organizations in the HVACR marketplace to significantly enhance their brand awareness while driving new sales.


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H+A International specializes in trade show and conference marketing communications.

When it comes to promoting trade shows, no-one does it better! We specialize in working with trade show management companies and association-owned trade shows around the world to help them strategically drive buyer attendance, increase their exhibitor base and turn their shows into memorable events.

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If you are in need of strategically creative solutions to your MarCom challenges,
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